Monday, March 29, 2010

Date Change

The date has been moved up to Monday, April 26th instead of Thursday, April 29th for our Embryo Transfer. Dr. Young is going to be out of the office starting April 29th so they were able to move us up. This is going to work out a little easier schedule-wise and it's a couple days sooner so I don't have to wait as long :)

Time for my first injection of this cycle tonight - Leuprolide. These ones are super simple and I just use a tiny insulin syringe so pretty painless.

I also have a dry erase calendar in my kitchen and I erased March and put in April already because I was so excited to write in the Embryo Transfer. Dorky, I know...but still fun. You can see it down on the 26th with the big zigzag bubble around it - hehe.

Well, that's my exciting news for now. Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Date is Set

We have a date for our next embryo transfer! It will be Thursday, April 29th. This time it is pretty simple but the doctor's office made me a calendar anyway. I have to take birth control and a baby aspirin everyday for a couple weeks. Then on to Lupron injections to "quiet" my ovaries. Then I do progesterone injections once daily (or Jeremy does anyway - he is the designated giver of shots in the butt). And I have to do Estrogen patches. I only have to go into the office twice before the transfer. Once for a baseline Estradiol level and then for and ultrasound and Progesterone level one week before the transfer. SIMPLE compared to all the shots and meds last time.

So we have 5 embryos frozen. We are going to thaw two for this transfer. I think I mentioned before that there is a 2/3 surivival rate. So we are hoping and praying that both survive the thaw and we can try with two again.

This time I am going to take a couple more days off work as well. The doctor's instructions just say I have to take the day of the transfer off and then can go back the next day. However, the transfer is on a Thursday and I am taking Thursday and Friday off, I have the weekend off and I am taking Monday off and I am always off on Tuesdays - so 5 day vacation!! And I have a super legitimate excuse to lay around for ALL of it!

The picture is my calendar that is hanging on my dry erase board. I mark off everyday and I am trying my best to be patient. The transfer is five weeks from tomorrow!

P.S. - That is your name on my white board Stefanie! I wrote myself a reminder to call you a couple weeks ago!