Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some Randoms

Here are a few random pictures I wanted to share:

Sleepy girl!

Uh, guys! This hat's a little big!

Not so much liking this new hat!

This was before their first trip to church!

Awww...holding hands!

I love this one of Great Grandma Betty talking to them!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Ornaments and Stockings

We got some adorable ornaments for the twins and for us this year!

Jeremy's mom and dad got us some from Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. I've never been to this place but I think it would be pretty fantastic!

I also got some from a kiosk at Jordan Creek.

I ordered stockings from Personal Creations. I didn't ever get a good picture of them hanging up but this is gives you the idea.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twin Update

The babies are both doing well!


Ainsley is starting to smile! I love it. It is usually after she eats and when I put her down she will look around and coo and smile. Of course I can't catch a picture of it but take my word, it's adorable! Her last weight check was this past Monday when the home health nurse came and she was 8lbs 12.25oz. She only gained 2oz since her previous weight check one week earlier. However, they had their two month shots in between and did NOT eat well for a couple days. Their next weight check is this Thursday so we are hoping for a good gain! At their two month appointment we asked about her belly button because it sticks out A LOT! The pediatrician said she does have an umbilical hernia but it's nothing to worry about at this point. Apparently it is somewhat common and usually resolves on its own.


Ben is staring to smile a little too though he is our worrier. He usually has a wrinkled forehead and seems quite worried about what is going on. He is starting to become a little more laid back though. Last night he actually had his bath without crying! We can change his diaper without him screaming now too - winning! At the last weight check he was 8lbs 13oz. He is really starting to eat very well! His reflux is starting to improve with the Zantac which is great and means he doesn't scream bloody murder when we feed him - also winning! We went to an appointment at the Developmental Clinic for Ben last week and he looked good but the doctor thought he might have torticollis which basically means he turns his head one way more than the other. The pediatrician wasn't concerned with it though since his range of motion was fine. We have an evaluation with the physical therapist in a couple weeks though to make sure.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mommy Confessions

This is a post about what I've been thinking. I called them confessions because the aren't what the perfect mommy would think. Is there really ever a perfect mommy though? Do you have any mommy confessions to make me feel better?

1. Having a baby (or two) does majorly crazy things to ones body. I realize I need to be patient but I would REALLY like to fit into some jeans. Any jeans. Also, acne, stretch marks, and hair falling out.

2. Sometimes I don't change to babies' outfits if they only spit up a little.

3. I am sort of tired of pumping. I can't actually breastfeed the babies because their milk has to be fortified for extra calories. So I have to pump and feed and it takes There is major "mommy guilt" about this. It is such an internal battle. I want to keep pumping for them, my goal is six months to get through cold and flu season. But I can't go anywhere. I can't sleep on my side because I get a plugged duct, EVERY time. On the other hand, formula is SO expensive! I need to just suck it up and stick to it until April. Where's my mom? She is great at telling me to suck it up.

4. I realize it is awful but I'm a little excited about going back to work. I am looking forward to seeing all my coworkers and favorite patients. I also think it will be good for the babies to be around other children and the daycare providers.

5. I went to the grocery store yesterday. With BOTH babies. By myself. Terrifying but went great.

That's all for now. Here are the two that make it all worth it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two Months

Ainsley and Benson are two months old today!


You weighed 7lbs 15oz last Monday. You are still wearing newborn clothes and they fit quite well. We are trying to get good use out of all your cute newborn outfits before they don't fit anymore! You are still wearing newborn diapers which we are almost out of. As soon as they are gone we'll start using size 1 diapers. You are eating 100ml every three hours during the day. You go to bed at 9:30pm and usually sleep until about 4am though last night you AND your brother slept until 5am! You are looking at people more and you like to look at your mobile. You also like to listen to us read books and yesterday Grandma Barb read you and your brother The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Mom and Dad love you SO much!


You weighed 7lbs 15.25oz last Monday. You are still wearing your newborn clothes but some have gotten too short or too small for your big feet! You are still wearing newborn diapers which we are almost out of. As soon as they are gone we'll start using size 1 diapers. You are eating 100ml every three hours during the day. You go to bed at 9:30pm and usually sleep until about 3am to 4am though last night you AND your sister slept until 5am! You usually wake up first. You love to be held and you LOVE your pacifier. You are holding your head up quite a bit and love to sit up and look around.

Mom and Dad love you SO much!

Happy Two Month Birthday!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I cannot get enough!

I cannot get enough of these two!

I can't believe they are are 8 weeks old already! LOVE!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Tried

Ben had an appointment with the Pediatric Neurologist today. Everything went well and his exam was normal. The doctor does want us to see another Pediatric Neurologist that specializes in stroke. There aren't any here in Des Moines so we will be traveling somewhere else, likely St. Louis or Denver. He would like to find out more information about why the stroke happened. At this point everything remains the same and there is no treatment. That being said, there also are no signs of the stroke affecting him at this point either. Of course he could still develop complications months or years down the road.

So, since we were actually going out of the house we decided to dress up a little today. Usually we just wear sleep and play outfits at home since they are easier to change diapers in. However, the twins got LOTS of adorable clothes from so many people that love them so every time we go somewhere we try to wear something nice since they'll grow out of them soon!

BUT...Ainsley and Benson were NOT feeling the photo shoot today. I took about 30 pictures and this is what they ALL looked like:

And this:

The only ones where they weren't crying had these:

I tried to get good pictures to share with you all! These will just have to do - haha!

Oh, and yes, those are fur boots Ainsley is wearing - thanks Ashley!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Game Day

Ainsley and Benson are ready to watch the Hawks play!

Unfortunately, this is how we feel about how the Hawks played.

This makes me smile!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Who Knew?

Who knew...

Babies could fart so loud?

Their farts could smell so bad?

Hypoallergenic formula could be so expensive?

Four consecutive hours of sleep could feel so great?

Something so little could be so loud?

Walking outside to get the mail could so exciting?

That I could love these two babies so much?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Visitors and Birthdays

Sunday we had a few visitors and celebrated a couple birthdays!

Jeremy's Mom and Dad brought his Grandma and Grandpa Y. up from Albia for a visit and Aunt Debbie came over with some birthday cake for Grandma's birthday and Terry's birthday Monday.

Happy Birthday, Great-Grandma Ruth!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Terry!

And thanks, Aunt Debbie for the cake! It was delicious!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meeting People

Happy Humpday! Today the babies and I went to Newton - their first trip to Mommy and Daddy's home town. I had a hair appointment this morning so Grandma Barb watched them at Great Grandma Betty's house. They got to meet a few family members for the first time including my Cousin Ashley, her daughter Zoey, my Aunt Shellie, and Uncle Daryl.

Then we went over to my Granny Viva's and they met her for the first time. I think she was pretty excited.

She looks pretty comfy to me.

Ben wasn't quite as excited. Ha - he calmed down pretty fast. Don't worry Granny - he loves you!

I'm excited for Ben and Ainsley to meet more of the family next week at Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Outing

Today we had our first outing as a family. We went to the pediatrician! So exciting, huh? We also stopped and got some lunch at Panera to bring home, though the babies just waited in the car with Dad.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

One Month

Benson and Ainsley are one month old!

Alright, they are actually one month and two days old. We wanted to wait and take their one month pictures at home once we knew Ben was coming home. I didn't get it done before the sun went down so the lighting isn't the greatest. We'll try to do better next month!

It is so entertaining to put these two on a blanket together and watch them. I could literally watch it for hours.

Ainsley: You wear newborn diapers and newborn clothes. They fit you well for the most part but are a little long because you are sort of short and some things are hard to get over your big head! You eat every three hours now with your brother but you could go four easily. You don't get too excited about much. You don't even cry much when you are hungry and you don't mind having your diaper changed or taking a bath. You are VERY easy going.

Benson: You wear newborn diapers and newborn clothes. You eat every three hours and you let us know when it's time! When you wake up and want to eat you want to eat NOW. You are a little more fussy than your sister but usually stop as soon as someone picks you up - little stinker! I hate to say it but you are a little more high maintenance than she is and you cry when you have your diaper changed, your clothes changed and when you have a bath.

I hope to include weights later this week when we go to the doctor for Ben's first check up.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Our family is FINALLY all home!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, November 11th

Unfortunately, we are not at home. This post is coming to you from the hospital. We were SURE we were busting out of here today but Benson had other ideas. He had been eating GREAT all day and all of our discharge paperwork was in order. Everyone who needed to see us before we left had come by. Then about 9:30 last night Ben decided he didn't really want to eat. Jeremy changed his diaper and there was blood in his stool. Sounding familiar? He would start to cry after every few drinks of milk that he took. They did an abdominal x-ray and he had dilated bowel loops. This can be caused by lots of things but it basically causes a tummy ache. They had to make him NPO which means he can't have anything to eat. They started an IV and drew blood for several different tests. They swabbed his nose for RSV. At this point all of his tests are coming back normal. The most likely cause of his bowel trouble? Cow's milk protein sensitivity. He is now on Alimentum formula just like Ainsley had to have with her bloody stools. Like her, he can also transition back to breast milk fortified with Alimentum eventually. Luckily we only have to use one teaspoon per 90ml of breast milk since this stuff is $27.99 for a small can!

So he is now off of IV fluids and is eating ad lib on demand again. He has eaten three times since this ordeal and hasn't been taking as much as he really needs to but we are hoping he will get back there soon so he doesn't have to have a feeding tube put back in. I'm hoping he's just a little tired since it was a pretty rough night last night - for him AND for mom and dad.

At this point we do not have any idea when he will be going home. He has another x-ray tomorrow morning so we are hoping for good results on that. If it is good and he gets back where he needs to be with eating I am hoping he'll still get to go home in the next couple days.

P.S. - The twins are ONE MONTH OLD TODAY! Jeremy and I will be doing a little one month photo shoot tomorrow!