Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twin Update

The babies are both doing well!


Ainsley is starting to smile! I love it. It is usually after she eats and when I put her down she will look around and coo and smile. Of course I can't catch a picture of it but take my word, it's adorable! Her last weight check was this past Monday when the home health nurse came and she was 8lbs 12.25oz. She only gained 2oz since her previous weight check one week earlier. However, they had their two month shots in between and did NOT eat well for a couple days. Their next weight check is this Thursday so we are hoping for a good gain! At their two month appointment we asked about her belly button because it sticks out A LOT! The pediatrician said she does have an umbilical hernia but it's nothing to worry about at this point. Apparently it is somewhat common and usually resolves on its own.


Ben is staring to smile a little too though he is our worrier. He usually has a wrinkled forehead and seems quite worried about what is going on. He is starting to become a little more laid back though. Last night he actually had his bath without crying! We can change his diaper without him screaming now too - winning! At the last weight check he was 8lbs 13oz. He is really starting to eat very well! His reflux is starting to improve with the Zantac which is great and means he doesn't scream bloody murder when we feed him - also winning! We went to an appointment at the Developmental Clinic for Ben last week and he looked good but the doctor thought he might have torticollis which basically means he turns his head one way more than the other. The pediatrician wasn't concerned with it though since his range of motion was fine. We have an evaluation with the physical therapist in a couple weeks though to make sure.

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