Friday, April 27, 2012

Becoming My Mother and Other Ramblings

  • I peed a little when I sneezed tonight and thought to myself, "I am my mother."
  • I love the feeling of sweat dripping down my back after I get off the elliptical. Gross, I know.
  • I do NOT like when I'm on the elliptical and I'm turning purple because I'm working out so hard I can't breath and Daisy farts and I have to breath it in through my mouth because if I try to close my mouth I'll surely pass out and fall off the elliptical and die. Again, gross, I know.
  • I need to paint my fingernails. Having my nails polished makes me feel "put together" even though I almost never really am.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ben Loves to Laugh!

Ben is such a smiley, laughy, giggly boy!  It is so easy to get him going and he is so quick to smile.  I just love it! 

And yes, he is in his sister's pink Boppy and has her pink blanket on!  I'm sure he'll play with lots of dolls too!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We have started some cereal and baby food!  The pediatrician asked us to wait until the twins were six months to start since they were so small and at the bottom of the growth chart.  We don't go back for their six month appointment until May 1st but we decided to start practicing a little.  It was a disaster the first day, as expected, and is getting a little better every day!

Here are some pictures from the first attempt.

We have decided they like baby food better than the oatmeal or rice cereal, I think because of the texture.  But we'll keep trying different things.  We did make some of our own baby food but I think it is too thick and they are doing better with Gerber for now. 

Six Months

Happy Half-Birthday, Ben and Ainsley!

It is crazy to think a half year has gone by already.  We love you both so much and couldn't imagine our lives without you!

Ainsley:  You are still Daddy's girl.  You just light up when he talks to you or makes funny faces at you.  You have such a sweet little voice and talk so quietly but persistently.  You are rolling over from your back to your belly now and we often find you sleeping on your belly when we go in your room in the morning.  You are eating 6 ounces every four hours during the day and still sleeping through the night.  We also just started some baby food and you are learning how to eat from a spoon.  So far we have tried oatmeal which you didn't seem to like the texture of and sweet potatoes which you liked.  You are getting over your first ear infection and have been fussy because of that but you take your medicine so good.  You weigh 14lbs 5oz.  You are wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.

Benson: You are our happy boy!  You almost never cry or fuss.  You talk all the time and you can be quite loud!  You just started sticking out your tongue (as in the picture above) and it is THE cutest thing!  We are working on tummy time a lot with you and trying to get you to put more weight on your left arm.  You are sitting up with support very well and like to look around and observe things.  You are eating 6-7 ounces every four hours during the day and still sleeping through the night.  You are not a napper, you will cat nap for maybe 20-30 minutes a couple times a day.  You have also tried oatmeal, which you didn't love, and sweet potatoes, which you seemed to really like!  You weigh _____*. You are wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.

 We think you two are just about the cutest little babies there are and we love you SO much!

*Will put in Ben's weight after their weight check Thursday.