Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We have started some cereal and baby food!  The pediatrician asked us to wait until the twins were six months to start since they were so small and at the bottom of the growth chart.  We don't go back for their six month appointment until May 1st but we decided to start practicing a little.  It was a disaster the first day, as expected, and is getting a little better every day!

Here are some pictures from the first attempt.

We have decided they like baby food better than the oatmeal or rice cereal, I think because of the texture.  But we'll keep trying different things.  We did make some of our own baby food but I think it is too thick and they are doing better with Gerber for now. 


  1. Ever so smart of you to leave them mostly nakey for the first tries!

  2. I can't believe how big they have gotten! Ben's smile is so freggin cute, he looks like a super happy baby! I just love Ainsley's cheeks! How fun!!! Are you ready for summer? I've seen so many super cute baby swim suits and sun dresses just at Target its unbelieveable!!! HOpe your doing well also!!!

  3. If you need tips or help with making baby food let me know! I did it for Paige and plan to with our next one. Just email me nrhartz@gmail.com. They are so freaking cute by the way!