Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, November 11th

Unfortunately, we are not at home. This post is coming to you from the hospital. We were SURE we were busting out of here today but Benson had other ideas. He had been eating GREAT all day and all of our discharge paperwork was in order. Everyone who needed to see us before we left had come by. Then about 9:30 last night Ben decided he didn't really want to eat. Jeremy changed his diaper and there was blood in his stool. Sounding familiar? He would start to cry after every few drinks of milk that he took. They did an abdominal x-ray and he had dilated bowel loops. This can be caused by lots of things but it basically causes a tummy ache. They had to make him NPO which means he can't have anything to eat. They started an IV and drew blood for several different tests. They swabbed his nose for RSV. At this point all of his tests are coming back normal. The most likely cause of his bowel trouble? Cow's milk protein sensitivity. He is now on Alimentum formula just like Ainsley had to have with her bloody stools. Like her, he can also transition back to breast milk fortified with Alimentum eventually. Luckily we only have to use one teaspoon per 90ml of breast milk since this stuff is $27.99 for a small can!

So he is now off of IV fluids and is eating ad lib on demand again. He has eaten three times since this ordeal and hasn't been taking as much as he really needs to but we are hoping he will get back there soon so he doesn't have to have a feeding tube put back in. I'm hoping he's just a little tired since it was a pretty rough night last night - for him AND for mom and dad.

At this point we do not have any idea when he will be going home. He has another x-ray tomorrow morning so we are hoping for good results on that. If it is good and he gets back where he needs to be with eating I am hoping he'll still get to go home in the next couple days.

P.S. - The twins are ONE MONTH OLD TODAY! Jeremy and I will be doing a little one month photo shoot tomorrow!


  1. Oh dear, I'm so sorry that you had troubles today-but thank God it happened at the NICU and NOT at home-that would be way scarier! I'm praying for you guys!

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. I am sure that Benson will overcome this bump in the road and you will be cherishing him along with Ainsley at home in no time. Stay strong!

  3. I just came across your blog from my friends, and was surprised to see your daughters name is ainsley! I have a five month old named Ainslie- and soooo rarely see it! I hope your little Ben comes home ASAP :)