Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday, November 7th

Thank you to everyone for all the messages, comments, texts, phone calls and thoughts and prayers. I've said it before but we truly appreciate them so much. We are so thankful for all the amazing and supportive people in our lives.

Our world was turned upside down on Saturday by the news of Ben's stroke. We didn't know what to think. But God has held us up. We are moving forward. We can't worry about what might come. We can only love our son unconditionally.

Ben is having quite a few tests to try to determine the cause of his stroke, however, we may never know what happened or when. He just went down for his second MRI to look at the arteries and veins in his neck and head. He had an echo to look at his heart because there are some heart problems that can lead to blood clots that cause strokes. He will eventually have blood tests to check for any issues that may cause clotting abnormalities. I will also have my OB run tests on my blood because I may have a clotting abnormality which could make it likely that any other babies I carry could also be at risk for stroke.

At this point the doctor's are doing everything they need to do to determine what happened but there is nothing "to do" at this point. As he grows and gets older he will be followed closely developmentally to watch for delays. He will follow up with the neurologist. He'll have his eyes examined. He may see a hematologist. He may need physical therapy if there are motor issues such as tightening of muscles on his left side. Right now though Ben's care doesn't change. We are continuing to work on eating with him and as soon as he gets that down he gets to go home. He has taken a couple full bottles and more partial bottles. He can now attempt to bottle six times per day. He is definitely making progress. He seems much more coordinated with his suck/swallow and he is less messy. We still have no idea when he might get to go home but we are quietly hoping for next week.

Check out those chubby little fingers holding his monkey! He is up to 6lbs 9oz!

Ainsley is doing well at home. Though I shouldn't really say "at home" since she still spends most of her time at the hospital with her brother. She is eating and sleeping well and really only fusses when she gets hungry. We are transitioning her back to breast milk from the Alimentum formula and so far no problems.

Doesn't she look just thrilled to be having her picture taken!

Thank you all again for your continued support!

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  1. Super cute babies!!! I pray for you all the time!!!