Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday, November 3rd

Ainsley had her first appointment with the pediatrician today. It was pretty uneventful and everything went well! She weighed 5lbs 13oz up from 5lbs 8.8oz at her last weight check at the hospital. The doctor is fine with her going back on breast milk in a few days since the blood in her stools has stopped. [Random Thought: Is it weird to read about my kid's poop?] However, the doctor does want me to avoid dairy products. While it seems easy - no milk, cheese, etc - it is actually a lot harder than I thought. There is dairy in everything! I was looking at cereal at the store and the first kind I picked up had dairy in dry cereal! If anyone has any experience with this PLEASE let me know. Of course, Google will also be utilized.

Here is Ainsley after we got home from the doctor.

Ainsley and I went down to the hospital to see Ben before Dad got off work and then he met us down there. Ben is doing alright and we may be starting to see some improvement since they changed him to Enfamil AR. He is now allowed to bottle 4 times per day and when I fed him at 3pm he took 39ml of 50ml. The doctor stopped by this evening and talked to us. He said that a simple change to this formula can sometimes make all the difference in babies who have reflux. However, if Ben isn't taking any full bottles by tomorrow he will probably order an MRI. I honestly don't know exactly what they are looking for so that will be a question for tomorrow. He did say sometimes it takes babies until they are 40 weeks corrected to get the hang of eating. That's November 15th so we are hoping it's a little sooner but we'll wait as long as we have to. Though watching my maternity leave tick by and not having both my babies at home gets harder by the day.

I didn't get any pictures of Ben tonight. I have been a little unfair in the picture taking lately so I'll have to make up for that when Ben gets home - he'll just love me dressing him up and taking his picture I'm sure.

Thank you all for your continued support!


  1. I have been off dairy too because it was giving sabrina gas pains. But you don't need to limit yourself as much as you think. I mean even though if you read the labels in many products they say they contain milk but in trace amounts, so they are ok in moderation.. Milk and ice cream are the biggest no- nos, then cheeses and yogurt. Do soy milk instead, I have also heard of almond milk but haven't tried it. Make sure you are taking a calcium supplement because even though the babies will get the adequate amounts, they will suck it out of your bones if you are not getting enough in your diet. I'm now slowly re-introducing cheese in my diet, so far so good. However I ate crem brulee (sp?) last week and that was bad news!! Good luck, I miss ice cream like crazy!!!

  2. She looks so beautiful with the bow! Almond milk is pretty good, expensive, but good, at least the chocolate, but don't try to make pudding with it, it doesn't work.