Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 1st

What a day! The twins are three weeks old today! And Ainsley came home! We kept joking about how we felt like we were stealing her or going to get in trouble for taking her with us. We got her all dressed up in her coming home outfit and then our primary nurse, Leanne had to take her around and "show her off" to everyone before we left. She was pretty stinking cute if you ask me!

Not super psyched about all the pictures Mom was trying to take.

We had a great night at home with her and everything has went very well. It will be so amazing to have them both home. It is just so much more comfortable to be in your own house than at a hospital. I told Jeremy it was so nice to walk around barefoot! It really is the little things.

Ben is still working on eating better. The doctor talked about possibly trying some Prilosec or something for reflux in him if he doesn't start making some improvement. All along everyone has been very nonchalant and told us he'll figure it out eventually but I think they are starting to see that there might be something else going on besides prematurity even if it is just some reflux. We continue to hope and pray that he will pick up the eating soon. I hung his going home outfit where he could see it for a little inspiration!

Love him in his monkey outfit with his monkey Wubbanub!

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