Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, October 31st

Ainsley and Benson say "Happy Birthday, Aunt Liasa!"

Ainsley has continued to have very small amounts of blood in her stool. They did an x-ray last night and another one this afternoon which were normal. The doctor thinks she is having irritation from something and he feels it is most likely milk protein. He is putting her on Similac Alimentum formula which has polypeptides instead of proteins so it is easier to digest. He wants her to take that for "a few" days and then we can gradually transition back to breast milk and see how that goes. If she would start to have blood in her stool again it is possible she has a milk allergy. She could still breastfeed but I would have to cut dairy out of my diet. Hopefully we won't have to worry about any of this and we'll restart her on breast milk in a few days without problems. The doctor does still plan on discharging her tomorrow. We are of course excited but it is bittersweet leaving her brother here.

Benson is doing alright. He really hasn't seemed to make progress but also isn't getting any worse. Some feedings go well and others don't. We are still hoping that "the light bulb" will come on soon. We still feel he is refluxing, actually we know he is. You can sometimes see it come up into his mouth during his gavage feedings. However, the nurse told us they won't give them anything for it unless it is documented on a swallow study and Ben happened to NOT reflux during his 5-10 minute swallow study, though he does about every other time. Amy, the speech therapist did not stop by today so hopefully we will get to talk to her tomorrow.

I cannot believe tomorrow is November!

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