Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday, October 20th

Ainsley and Benson and doing well. Today is another long conference day for Dad so they are missing him but we have had lots of help today. Grandpa Oran came up then Grandma Kelley and Grandpa Terry then Aunt Liasa between her classes then Grandma Barb! We are very thankful for all the help!

This morning we got here about 6:00am just in time for their feedings. Ainsley was MAD and ready to eat. She must have thought she was starved and she took her entire bottle! That was the first time since she has been at her goal feeds that she took an entire feed by mouth so we were pretty excited!

Ben has pretty consistently been taking about half of his feedings and getting the other half in his feeding tube.

Rounds are pretty boring for them. Everything else is great we are just waiting on them to decide they want to eat. We keep hearing that it is often like a light bulb gets turned on and all of the sudden they decide they want to eat. We are praying that this happens and they continue to do well and gain weight. All your prayers are appreciated too!

(Holding BOTH my babies is THE most amazing thing in the entire world!)

(These pictures are from yesterday. I didn't get many taken today.)

I know I always say this but we are so thankful for all our friends and family and even people we don't really know who read this who are thinking of our babies and praying for them. It really is overwhelming! I also want to say thank you for all the messages I receive and even though I haven't gotten to reply to many of them I read them and appreciate them so much!

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