Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday, October 28th

Happy Friday!

I'm sure it seems weird how much I look forward to the weekends considering I'm not working right now. The twins and I are just so excited to have Daddy here for two whole days!

The speech therapist, Amy came down today and gave Ben his noon feeding. She tried a silicone nipple to give him a little more pressure on his palate and he seemed to do pretty well. We are going to bottle him 1-2 times per day this weekend and she'll check back with us Monday to see how it's going.

Ben gained weight last night and is now up to 5lbs 7.6oz!

Ainsley has had a good day and the doctor said she will likely be going home by the middle of next week! That is the first time anyone has really estimated when she would be going home so we are really excited for that. Just the fact that she is doing well enough they would even venture a guess is great! In case you are curious, when she does go home it will likely be before Ben goes home. She will be allowed to come back down with us everyday and hang out with her brother. They don't allow children in the NICU but they do make an exception for twins.

Ainsley also gained weight and is now up to 5lbs 4.6oz!

I didn't have my camera handy when Ben was making his cute faces tonight but I did snap a picture of each of them sleeping before we left for the night.



I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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