Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday, October 19th

Sorry today's update is late! We forgot the diaper bag today which had the laptop in it. Hopefully the cuteness to follow makes up for it!

We'll start with Ainsley. She got her IV out today! They stopped it this morning and put a saline lock on it then after she had two good blood sugars they took it out. She is now only hooked up to her heart rate and respiration monitor like Benson. After her IV was out she got her first real bath, not just a bed bath.

After her bath we put a clean outfit on and had to accessorize. I realize this bow is RIDICULOUS but I still love it!

Here is a video of Ainsley sneezing - yes, I said sneezing. You all are going to get so sick of these videos of my kids doing totally boring things which I find amazingly entertaining!

Ben is getting his first real bath tomorrow. He tends to scream bloody murder when he just gets undressed so that should be interesting.

Here is a video of Ben going to town on his pacifier.

Both Benson and Ainsley are still working on eating. That is our biggest obstacle right now. They are often tired and don't want to eat at all or don't want to finish. They are both at their goals for feedings - Ben at 42ml every 3 hours and Ainsley at 40ml every 3 hours but they just can't get it all down by bottle - it's too much work. The nurse tonight said it takes about the same amount of energy for them to take a whole bottle as it does for us to run 5 miles and I don't remember the last time I did that so we really can't expect too much from them. It is just going to take time for them to develop more and gain those skills. We are praying for patience as we wait because we want them home so much.

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  1. They have already grown so much! They are changing everyday! How wonderful for you! The flower is AWSOME!