Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, October 17th

Dad went back to work today. The babies miss him and so does Mom! We'll be glad when he can come down after work. This week he has conferences on Tuesday and Thursday so those will be pretty hard days since he'll be at work from 7am until 8pm. Anyone who thinks teachers don't work hard is crazy!

We are trying to figure out what our weekday routine will be. We will be getting up early and coming down to the hospital around 6am so Dad can spend a little time with the babies then get to work by 7am. I will stay here all day since I can't drive yet. Then when Jeremy gets off work he'll come back down and we'll stay, we're thinking, until 8pm or so.

Ainsley's bilirubin went down from 15 yesterday to 9 today. The Dr. said they'll keep her under the light all day today then probably turn it off tonight and recheck her level in the morning. She looks much better! She is up to 23ml per feeding and tolerating it well. She took her 6am, 9am, 12pm, and 3pm feedings all by mouth but as soon as Dad got here and tried to give her the 6pm feeding she decided she was too tired. She ate about half and got the other half through her feeding tube. We are still super proud of her effort today!

Benson is doing well also. Today they changed him to bottle feeding only four times per day and using his feeding tube the other times so that he can get a little more rest. He is still at 38ml per feeding and tolerating fairly well. He does better with breastmilk and seems to digest it more easily and has less residual before his next feeding. Hopefully my milk will continue to increase in volume so they both can get all breastmilk. I tried cluster pumping last night and pumped every hour x 3 then back to every 2 hours. That seemed to help some and I am currently at 30-40ml per pumping. I just can't keep up with these kids! Though it's a good thing that they are eating so well.

Dad and Ainsley getting some snuggle time this afternoon

I was trying out the video recorder on our camera and ended up with this video of Ben. It is totally boring and all he does in blink but I thought I'd post it anyway!

Ben and Ainsley wanted to say "Hi" to Great-Grandma Yenger since we heard she has Aunt Vickie read her this every night!

Thank you again to everyone for reading and keeping the twins in your thoughts and prayers!

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