Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday, October 22nd

It has been a good Saturday! Jeremy and I decided to try to get a little extra sleep this morning so we slept until 7:00am...well as much as one can sleep when pumping every three hours! It was much needed! We got down to the hospital about 8:30am and heard a great report about how the babies did overnight. They were both very content and Ainsley bottled well, though not quite the entire amount. Since we have been here she has finished TWO whole bottles! Benson has been doing well too. He still hasn't taken an entire bottle but we can see improvements and he seems to be working on his technique. He isn't leaking as much milk and seems to do better sucking. He likes to get ahead of himself though and forgets to swallow but he will figure it out with time.

Thanks to our nurse, Leanne, we had Hawkeye colors going on today!

Both babies got baths tonight and are smelling wonderful. Ben really hates baths, as well as diaper changes and having his clothes changed or removed. He really just likes to stay wrapped up and snuggly warm! Ainsley seems more laid back and really doesn't mind having her diaper or clothes changed.

Here's Ben and Mommy after his bath.

Here at the hospital they come around with a cart of movies you can check out and watch in your room so we picked one of those and are going to see if we can find some popcorn in the vending machine so we can have a "date night!"

Thank you all for your continued support! We hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

P.S. - I couldn't resist taking a picture of these adorable little toes this morning!

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