Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday, October 30th

Happy Halloween from Benson and Ainsley!

Ainsley has had a great day eating! She is now on the last "step" which is ad lib on demand. She has been doing very well and tonight was up to 5lbs 7.7oz! She may not go home tomorrow however because she has had a very small amount of blood in her stool. She has no other signs of any problem but they want to watch and make sure everything is alright. We are just watching her diapers very closely and hoping it resolves on its own. If not we may have to try some formula to see if that is changes anything. She also got her feeding tube out!

Benson has had a good day as well. He did well with his two attempts at bottling today and they are increasing him to 2-3 attempts per day now. Sometimes it goes better than others and we just keep praying it continues to improve. Tonight Ben weighed in at 5lbs 12.8oz!

They got these sweet onesies from Aunt Liasa - they say "Auntie gives the best candy" - so cute!

Great-Grandma Betty got to hold Ainsley for the first time!

And Grandma Barb held Ben for a little while.

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