Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday, October 27th

We started this morning with a great report from the overnight nurse! Ainsley had taken two more full bottles! Benson bottled twice and took around 22-23ml each time (out of his 45ml).

AND they both gained weight! Benson is up to 5lbs 6oz and Ainsley is 5lbs 4oz.

Ben had his swallow study this morning. He did very well and didn't cry at all! The speech therapist could see (and showed me) how he isn't using his tongue properly to eat though he does with his pacifier. The underlying question is why this is the case but we might not be able to tell for sure. This afternoon the speech therapist came back with our plan. She is going to bring some different nipples to try tomorrow and watch him as he tries them. She may also show us some "exercises" to do to help improve his feedings.

I took this video today of Ainsley after she ate. She always makes the cutest faces after eating!

Ben makes some pretty darn cute faces too. I'll try to catch him tomorrow.

Yay for tomorrow being Friday!

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