Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, October 23rd

We've had a few small successes today! Ainsley had her car seat test. For those of you not familiar with this they put the baby in their car seat and put a monitor on them to watch their oxygen level. They have to sit in their car seat for an hour and maintain an acceptable oxygen level. The GREAT news is she PASSED!

Then she was pretty fussy before her 3:00pm feeding so I decided to try to nurse her for a few minutes just to work on latching and she really took to it! The nurse checked her tummy (using her feeding tube) and she took 12ml. We were pretty darn impressed. Then we thought she would be all tuckered out but she took most of her bottle too (minus the 12 we took out of it that she had already got from nursing).

{Ainsley during her car seat test}

I have been pretty anxious about how difficult it might be to switch them to nursing after they are getting bottles here. Unfortunately it isn't an option to do too much nursing because they are receiving fortified breast milk so they get a few extra calories added to their milk. If anyone has experience with this sort of situation please feel free to email me or send me a message on Facebook.

Benson has had a pretty relaxing day. He is still working on bottle feeding better and we can see that he is making progress. He is better at sucking but still forgets to swallow sometimes and he wears out pretty fast. We are being patient and hoping his sister will tell him what to do soon!

His success actually came last night though when he got weighed and was up to 5lbs! He is now officially over his birth weight of 4lbs 15oz!

{Ben relaxing}

Both babies are periodically spending more time awake either before or after feedings which is a good thing developmentally.

Thank you all for your sweet comments and thoughts and prayers! And how is tomorrow Monday already?! I hope everyone has a good week!

P.S. - We came home last night to these signs in our yard! Thanks, Mom!

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