Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday, October 15th

Today has been a good day! We slept at home last night and came down to the hospital about 7:30am. Ben was too tired to eat during the night so he took his feedings through his feeding tube. The nurse that was here overnight reported that Ainsley was very content all night and had just started to wake up more and get a little fussy.

All day today we have bottle-fed Ben and he is up to 35ml every 3 hours. He gets most of it down and usually leaves between 6ml and 10ml to put into his tube. They also check how much is left in his stomach from the previous feed before we start each new one. It is a little gross but they do this by putting a syringe on the end of the feeding tube and pulling back up the stomach contents. They can also pull any air/gas out of the stomach this way. He usually starts out eating pretty well then gets tired at the end and can't quite finish. This is perfectly fine at this point and we are letting him decide how much of the work he wants to do and we'll do the rest.

Ainsley is still getting 8ml in her feeding tube every three hours. She will go up to 11ml tonight. She was not digesting her formula very well so at this point she is on breastmilk only and she is not having any residual left in her stomach before her next feeding. This also means she is hogging all the "good food" from her brother. Hopefully I will eventually have enough milk for both of them! The other big news for Ainsley is that she got her nasal cannula off today. She is now breating completely on her own with NO help! Her oxygen saturations have stayed where they should be so she is doing great with that!

Now the goal for both is really to continue to eat well and get plenty of rest so they can GROW!

First Bow!

First Family Photo!

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers!

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