Tuesday, October 4, 2011

34 Weeks

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with Ainsley and Benson!

Wow has this last week has been rough. My feet are ridiculous. They are pretty constantly swollen but it is MUCH worse after I work. I mean they are really sort of disgusting. What's worse is they itch! Like crazy! The sort of itching that makes you want to grab a sharp metal object and scratch until it hurts so bad you don't notice the itching. I am have cholestasis labs repeated tomorrow to check for bile acid in my blood. I don't think that's what it is because what I've read suggests that causes more itching on the bottoms of the feet so I'm thinking this is more just because of the swelling and hormones. The only real relief I find is to run them under cold water to numb the itching some and then have Jeremy slather lotion on them...since I can't reach them. The itching is disrupting my already sleepless nights. Last night I got less than two and a half hours of sleep. The OB gave me a script for Ambien to try. I was really surprised they were alright with Ambien while pregnant but I suppose it's also not healthy to get less than three hours of sleep per night.

I had a Non-Stress Test this morning that went really well. I had an excellent nurse who found the babies heartbeats right away and they stayed on the monitors. They were reactive and we would have been done in about 20 minutes but the nurse had to wait for the doctor to approve everything so we were hooked up about 45 minutes. Totally fine with me though since I fell asleep! Then I headed over to my OB appointment. Had my hemoglobin checked and it was good so the iron supplement is working. Ainsley is still head down and Ben is transverse. I really don't see how they could move since they have to be running out of room but as long as she stays head down we can try a vaginal delivery.

Next week we have an appointment with Dr. Drake and a growth check then an NST at the hospital then an OB appointment so I'll get to spend about 4 hours at the hospital. I need a good book - any suggestions?

Other than that, we got the nursery done which is a huge task off the to-do list. We have car seats in the cars but still need to get them inspected for proper installation. We started packing a hospital bag. I also had my final baby shower this past Sunday. It was so fabulous and my girlfriends put in so much work to make it amazing. I can't thank them enough and I feel so lucky to have such great friends.

The hostesses and I - LOVE these girls!

After the shower Jeremy and I drove up to Ledges State Park to check out the leaves. We were a little early and most trees were still green but it was still a nice drive.

(Don't look at those cankles!)

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who reads this for all your sweet comments every week and on the nursery. They really mean so much.

I hope you all are having a good week!

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  1. OH! My cankles are JUST NOW gone. I know all about those. You look super cute cankles or not!
    PS- We took another walk tonight and it was much safer! Thanks again for your comment and link to the video. We got it all fixed- metal bars removed. Hope you have a GREAT weekend full of lots of rest.