Thursday, June 2, 2011

16 Weeks

I'm 16 weeks pregnant with twins!

Apparently it is noticeable that I am pregnant because strangers ask me when I'm due. I try to dodge the question because the answer is November 15th and then I have to explain that it's twins and that's why I am so huge! The apparent follow up question to "When are you due?" is "Is it your first?" to which my standard reply is that it's our first and second. Some people get it, some need it explained. I keep hearing warnings that soon random strangers will begin touching my belly, not sure how I'll react to that!

I've been feeling pretty good. Just the usual pregnancy complaints of back pain, heartburn, headaches, and the like but nothing that isn't manageable. I am going to start some physical therapy for my back though so hopefully that helps.

I think I might be starting to feel a little movement but darn it's hard to differentiate between babies moving and your digestive tract working!

We did have an OB appointment this past Tuesday. The doctor used the doppler and found the heartbeats and lots of "wooshing" which was apparently the babies moving around. We did not have the ultrasound we were expecting and are actually going to see a new doctor next week. I hate to complain about my doctor but we really don't go together personality-wise. He is very laid back and nonchalant and I'm borderline neurotic. Basically he doesn't think the monitoring (i.e. ultrasounds) is as necessary as we do and we think we'll just be more comfortable somewhere else. Also, they aren't (in my opinion) the most organized office which doesn't sit well with me. For example, when your having multiples you are supposed to have a different chart and we didn't so after 10 minutes of printing off and filling out paperwork for a blood test to check for birth defects the nurse said "Oh, are you having twins? This won't be accurate then." Really?

So anywho, we will be switching so as not to cause any more hormonally induced nervous breakdowns after doctor's visits. We had a recommendation for the Iowa Clinic Women's Center and are hoping for more success there.

About the babies: They are the size of avacados this week! How cute! They are growing toenails and their hearts are pumping 25 quarts of blood each day!

We WILL have an ultrasound around 20 weeks and will hopefully find out their sexes then!


  1. Dr mcentaffer at Iowa clinic is excellent

  2. Alyssa really liked Dr. Oleson's group. They made sure she met all of the doctors, because who knows who will be on call when you deliver. I know from personal experience it is no fun to have someone you have never even seen before pop in to deliver your baby, happened to me twice.

  3. You look radiant! How fabulous! FYI I never believed in chiropractors until now. I started to see mine at 20 weeks since I have chronic back pain, and let me tell you, it has made a heck of a difference. She specializes in pregnant women, so let me know if you want her info. I'm glad to hear you are doing well, and yes, make sure you get a doctor you like, because you'll have so many questions and concerns along the way, you want to feel comfortable with them.
    So far I have not had any complete strangers try to rub my belly, so I can't speak to that, then again I am told am a badazz and nobody wants to mess with that :D
    Keep us all posted! I have 6.5 weeks left and can't hardly wait!!!