Monday, July 16, 2012

Nine Months

Ben and Ainsley are NINE months old!  They are getting so big and doing new and fun things all the time - it is so FUN!

Ainsley - You are still our BIG girl!  According to our scale at home you weigh between 17-18 pounds!  You are a good eater and there isn't anything we've found so far that you won't eat.  You still have pureed food and formula.  You also love puffs and have started feeding them to yourself.

You need plenty of beauty rest.  You nap way more than your brother and when it's time for a nap you let us know.  You almost always cry when we lay you down and it's like your saying, "Why are you doing this to me?!" Then you roll over to your tummy and fall asleep.  You almost always sleep on your tummy and you like to tuck your legs up under you and stick your butt up - it's pretty adorable.  You are still sleeping through the night from about 7:30pm to 6:30am. 

You have started pulling yourself up to your knees and you just figured out how to get to your hands and knees from sitting.  I imagine we'll be chasing you around soon...

Your favorite song is The Wheels On The Bus.  We sing it ALL. THE. TIME.  We have about 37 verses and all kinds of crazy things on our bus like tigers, cows, and mice.  But it makes you happy and you almost always stop crying the instant we start singing it.

You HATE being put in your carseat.  You prefer to have someone play with you or carry you around than sit and play by yourself.  You have one tooth on the bottom right.  You love your cups from Ikea and your doggie that plays music.  You also love your real dog, Daisy!  

Ben - you are still our HAPPY boy!  You are always in a such a good mood.  You love to smile and talk and laugh.  You are also VERY ticklish.  Your newest thing is shaking your head.  I'm pretty sure you know that we think it is adorable and so you do it more to entertain us. 

You are still our skinny boy.  You were 16lbs 10oz this week at the doctor.  I'm not sure how you are still so scrawny because you eat a TON!  You do great eating your purees and like most things though you aren't a huge fan of peas or green beans.  Sometimes I trick you though and mix those with some squash or sweet potatoes and you don't mind!  You aren't as big of a fan of the puffs as your sister but you'll eat some here and there.

You are getting better at sitting up.  You have some trouble with that because of the tightness on your left side from your stroke but with the help of Miss Kim at PT every week you are making steady progress.  Your plugged tear duct cleared up a couple weeks ago and we are SO thankful.  You were going to have to have surgery to have it opened if it hadn't done so on its own by the time you turned nine months.  Praise God!

You are usually content to play by yourself and have no problem entertaining yourself and playing quietly with toys.

You love to snuggle and be rocked.  You are doing this really cute head rub lately where your rub your head and forehead like you are thinking hard.  You say "Dada" a lot though I don't think you know what you're saying.  Daddy always answers you though and asks what you need.

You have THE fastest growing fingernails on the face of Earth.  I have to cut yours twice as often as your sister's.  You still sleep well, from 7:30pm to 6:30am.  You usually wake up first and start talking.  You are long/tall and are getting close to outgrowing your infant car seat.  You have BOTH of your bottom, middle teeth now and they are ADORABLE!

We love you both so much!

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  1. They're doing so well--and they're adorable, too!