Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eleven Months

Ben and Ainsley are eleven months old!  Everyone says it but it is so true - time flies!  I think I'm in a little bit of denial and I haven't done much planning for their first birthday party, need to get going on that. 

You probably read about Ben's seizures but I'm not going to focus on that in this post.  Today we are celebrating eleven months of life and all we have to be thankful for!

Ben - You are getting so big!  Tall really, you are still a skinny guy.  You still don't like to stand up but when we make you or if you stretch out you are crazy long!  You were 30 inches at the doctor this week. 

You have started "yelling" at us.  You get to talking really loud and it sounds like you are giving us a lecture.  We don't mind though, we love talking to you! 

You are a great eater.  You still love your baby food though you have started to get a little picky.  You still eat everything but you like the fruit better than the veggies and you let us know about it.  Your newest favorite food is cut up banana, you get SO excited for it! 

You are doing great sitting up and you like to play but your favorite thing right now is chewing on your fingers.  You get both hands in your mouth or you try and have your paci and your finger in there at the same time.  We would swear that you are teething but you still only have your bottom two teeth.  I think those top ones will pop through soon though!

You love to snuggle and you often will put your head on your daddy's head and give what we call a "head hug."  It's too cute.  You also like to put your hand on his forehead while you do it for added emphasis - adorable!  We love you more than words and you truly light up our lives.

Ainsley - You have grown up so much!  You are such a big girl.  You crawl all over and get into everything.  One of your favorite things to get into is Daisy's food and water.  We've dug dog food out of your mouth on several occasions.  We tell you "no" and redirect your attention but you just smile or laugh and go right back to it.  You are quite the little stinker!

You are eating "big girl food" most of the time now with some baby food mixed in.  You have eaten all kinds of things: pasta, cheese, green beans, bananas, potatoes, ham, chicken, nectarines, graham crackers, strawberry wafers, spaghetti, and the list goes on!  You sit with the big kids at daycare to eat now and it sounds like you LOVE it!  You have also started holding your own bottle sometimes and the first night you did it your mommy cried because you were growing up too fast.

You are close to having six teeth now!  You had your bottom two and all four top middle teeth started coming in at the same time.  You have done really well though and haven't been too fussy AND you've continued to sleep through the night - yay!

You love playing and getting all your books out.  You also like to rough house with daddy.  Yesterday you two were working on backward somersaults and you just kept coming back to do it over and over.  You recently started mimicking more and we can usually get you to say "uh-oh."  We think it is pretty darn adorable.  We love you so much and love watching you grow and learn everyday!

Eleven Month Videos

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