Thursday, October 11, 2012

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today we went to the doctor and were sent to the hospital to deliver our babies.

It was scary and exciting and amazing and one of the most important days of our entire lives. 

I think back to the delivery and how I cried the happiest tears of my life when I heard each one of them cry.

I think back to how Ainsley was on the CPAP oxygen and how we couldn't hold her the first couple days of her life.  That gets me more now than it did then...not sure why.

I think of all the days we were in the NICU and how we wanted to take our babies home so badly.

I think of what I still consider the worst day of my life, when we learned Ben had a stroke.  

And I think of how far we've come in 12 short months.  I think of the amazing gifts God has given us.  I think of how amazingly blessed we are.  And I never, ever want to take it for granted.  Not for one second.  

Happy 1st Birthday, Ben and Ainsley!  We love you more than words.


  1. Happy birthday! They are precious!

  2. They look so big! Congratulations!

  3. happy birthday sweet things. I just cried reading this. Where does the time go???