Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful - Day 29

I know I've mentioned I'm thankful for my family but I wanted to specifically mention my sister, Liasa. 

She is a great sister!  She is great with the babies and I also have to give mention to her boyfriend, Tobie.  He is amazing with them.  He totally spoils them and carries them around all the time and they pretty much adore him. 

Liasa is amazing.  She is smart, beautiful, kind, and funny.  Not that she always intends to be funny.  She can be good for an unexpected laugh and has given our family many fond memories we like to call "Liasa-isms."  A few examples...

  • We were running a 5K together and were discussing how fast the runners in the front would go.  I mentioned how there were a lot of really fast runners from Kenya.  Her response: "Is Kenya a big city?"
  •  Talking about Valentine's Day one year: "When IS Valentine's Day?" As if it's not the same day every year...
  • We also frequently remind her of how she thought the words to the TLC song Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls were "Go Go Jason Waterfalls." 

Love you, sister!

I will also add my thankfulness for my other siblings - my beautiful half-sister, Misty.

My half-brother, Jace. 

And my ex-step-sister, Carley. 

I only include these labels (half, step, etc) to help define them but I love them all just the same!!!  

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