Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sixteen Months

The twins turned 16 months February 11th!  It is so amazing how fast they really grow.  Everyone says it and it's so true.  The thing is it sort of sneaks up on you - you'll be going along just fine living life and then you look at your kids and wonder when they grew up!

So anyway...Ben and Ainsley are 16 months old!  Here's what they are doing...

Ben - you have really made some strides the last couple weeks.  For whatever reason, you would not bear weight on your legs...until a couple weeks ago when you just decided to do it!  Now you'll stand up with support and play standing at a table or the sofa.  You are SO TALL when you stand up!  I'm not sure when you get your tall, skinny body but it's not from your Mama.

You are working on getting your molars in and you haven't been sleeping the best because of it.  Also for this reason, you usually have your finger in your mouth...but it's pretty cute!

You have been doing great at therapy - both PT and OT - and your therapists are noticing!  They always compliment you on how well you do and what great progress you are making.

You are still such a happy boy and you are quite the flirt.  Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Ainsley - you are officially walking...when you want to.  You can totally do it and you do if you want but if you are in a hurry you use your knees.  You also get a pretty cheesy grin on your face when you're walking around like you are pretty proud of yourself!

You are talking more and more.  One of your favorite words right now is "shoes."  You probably pick up your shoes or carry them around and say "shoes" twenty times a day.  We all know where that comes from...

Mommy and Daddy love you so much, baby girl!

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