Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Back to Blogging

So I've been having trouble getting my iPhone to automatically (or manually for that matter) back up pictures to Google+ which is how I get them to this here blog.  Hence, no blog for awhile.

It has somehow miraculously started working.  No idea how.  So let have a blog post, shall we?

As many of you know we had some major sewage/plumbing/flooding of uour basement issues this past weekend.  Sunday it was nice to snuggle up with my loves.

This is a #ReasonsMyKidIsCrying picture, you just can't tell she's crying because she wouldn't look at me.  But she's crying because I wouldn't let her wipe her privates with Lysol wipes.  Seriously.

 A friend of ours wrote a children's book!  How cool is that?!  I feel like we know a celebrity!

This sweet boy took a little road trip with his daddy to Minneapolis to go see his doctor there to follow up about his Botox.  His doctor was pleased with his response and was impressed with how much he's pulling up to stand and walking with assistance!  Here's a video of him getting brave and letting go of the coffee table...

Jeremy found this stuck on a sweater (he clearly hadn't worn for a couple years).  What a memory.  We got these stickers every day when we went down to the NICU when the babies were there.  Seems so long ago but also like it just happened.  Weird how that is...

Well, I have lots more to share but I won't do it all at once!  Yay for blogging again!

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