Monday, February 2, 2015

Day 11 - Dad edition

The time is currently 8:44 pm. (Documentation of when I started this endeavor.  Bear in mind that the quality of this blog will take a significant hit this week.  Please return one week from today to see the writing that you have come to know and love.)

Most of the family was together this weekend, which was awesome.  With the exception of Ainsley, who was hanging out with grandma Barb, we all hung out in Birmingham and took in the sites.  We had a chance to go to the top of Red Mountain, to Vulcan Park, and take a look at the city from an awesome vantage point.

It was great to see Reanna, though she had to fly back amidst snowmageddon 2015.  It really was a disaster.  In fact had it not been for the neighbors, on multiple occasions, I'm confident that Reanna would not have made it to work today.  We really do love our neighbors and when crap gets real hairy, you certainly find out a lot about who has your back.  Guys, we can't thank you enough. (New to the neighborhood this summer will be a kegger, thrown by the Yenger family in honor of the Nelsons, Lynches, and Briggs' - these people are amazing.)  To top it all off, the smoke alarms started going off at midnight at our house... Seriously... WT... well, y'all get it...

Therapy... the point of the post...
Ben began his third and final week of CI therapy with dad this morning.  Dad had a lot of catching up to do, mom was a pro at this business and dad walked in as an amateur.  That said, Ben did a great job of settling in and getting right to work!  In some ways he picked up right where he left off.  He was eating yogurt pretty well!

And he decided that it would be a good idea to bring some art back home to his mother!

It has been fun to watch Ben's progress from a distance via this blog, but it is an altogether amazing experience to see Ben do this stuff in person.  I was seriously impressed with his strides.  This is a kid who wasn't walking at a year ago and had essentially no mobility in his left hand.  Today he runs and he is using his left hand to eat yogurt, play with toys, squeeze dye out of a pipet... I mean it really is nuts how far he has been able to come in such a short period of time!  While the road ahead remains long, the rearview mirror certainly provides a testament to your success.  Bravo, Ben!

In terms of "big stuff" today, it was Ben opening a door on one of his favorite toys at therapy... Check him out!

After therapy we took to Tuscaloosa and saw the University of Alabama.  We basically just did a quick out and back.  We got a couple of souvenirs (t-shirts, etc...) and got back to Birmingham.

For a night cap, we went to Saw's BBQ, Reanna said that the food was amazing... she was right.  We had some amazing beef ribs and macaroni and cheese.  Ben ate so much macaroni!

We tried to get to bed earlier tonight.  Tomorrow is Tuesday and we are looking for a more laid back day.  All this running around on top of an exhausting therapy session gets to a kid! (And an adult!)

(9:34 pm - Let's see if this posts...)

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