Monday, May 2, 2016

DIY Bathroom Organization

I have a blog?  What??

Seriously I haven't blogged in so long I'm surprised it didn't expire or something. I am.  We've been doing a ton of DIY projects around the house lately and I wanted to share! Lucky you. ;)

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First up is this little DIY/organization project.  In our new house we have ONE bathroom upstairs that we ALL share.  There is no master bath.  I definitely underestimated the impact of this.  It's sort of a galley-style bathroom too.  Not a lot of room.

We did have this towel bar from Ikea right next to the shower.  I thought it was genius.  It has four bars - there are four of us.  Perfect.  Not so much. It stuck out way too far and we were always having to duck under it or nearly taking out an eye.  

The next problem was that when we moved in, one of the first things we did was take out the builder mirror with the ugly plastic clips and put in these mirrored medicine cabinets: 
HEMNES Mirror cabinet with 1 door IKEA 

THat added some more storage and looked a lot nicer in my opinion BUT...they're too high for the kids to see themselves in.  So I wanted to also figure out a place to put mirrors for them.  This is what we landed on:

We have small mirrors (from At Home) that are the perfect height for the kids and they love having their very own mirror.  I added hooks from Menards for each person with a cutesy letter identifying whose towel is whose.  I also had just picked them each up a step stool at HomeGoods so I hung those up with a Command hook so they would be off the floor.  

I had seen these towel hooks from Anthropologie but they're $18 each and I refused to pay $72 for towel hooks.  


So I DIY'd some rustic looking wood letters using letters from WalMart that were $1.57.  I "beat up" the wood first using a hammer, screws, a drill bit, and a screwdriver then put stain on them (that we already had) and put three coats of poly on top (also had on hand).  

The bathroom is far from done.  We did have tile put in a few months ago but still need to paint the vanity, change out the counter top and sinks, and tile the shower.  And I need to pick a new paint color...

SO many more projects to come!  I know you're excited!

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