Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I started seeing a new chiropractor and his wife who works at the same practice also does acupuncture. We decided to give it a try to help with our next IVF cycle which will hopefully be starting soon.

Where we're at: I am waiting for my period to start so I can call in to the fertility doctor and get a calendar for the next cycle. That should be anyday now.

Until we find out if the next cycle works I am going to be doing the acupuncture. The first appointment was yesterday and it went well. I had 8 needles (I think) and then she hooked them up to wires to stimulate the areas. It really didn't hurt and I had to lay there for the stimulation for about 20 minutes which was actually quite relaxing.

We are trying to stay hopeful but also realistic. That's an impossible combination in case you hadn't heard ;)

Hopefully more updates soon as we get the ball rolling on this next cycle!


  1. Reanna! I know of a few people who got pregnant with the use of acupuncture. I have also heard it will also help to treat morning sickness too! We will continue to pray for sticky baby vibes and BFP's!!!

  2. Your little miracle will soon happen! God bless : )