Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Waiting

We had our follow up appointment with the fertility doctor today. The first thing he said was that he was "a little surprised it didn't work." Yeah...

So our two embryos that didn't implant were both AA grade (the best). We have 1 AA, 2 BA, and 1 BB left frozen in two straws (2 in one, 3 in the other). I don't know much about embryo grading but the doctor seemed pleased with the quality of these embryos. We are going to thaw the 2 embryo straw for our next cycle. It will be about 3 weeks until we start the cycle. I have to take birth control and Lupron injections to "shut down" my ovaries just like the last cycle. I'll have a blood draw to make sure everything is quiet. Then I'll start applying my estrogen patches and doing progesterone injections. After a week or so of that, they'll put the embryos in (if they both survive the thaw).

About the thaw - about 2/3 of embryos survive thaw - hopefully we will have two to put in! The success rate for a frozen embryo transfer is 40%. We had a 60% chance with the fresh cycle. So chances are a little worse. However, the 40% success rate is for EVERYONE - women who are 25 and women who are 45. Since I am 25 I am hoping my chances are better (and the doctor seemed to agree with that).

I am feeling more relaxed which will hopefully bring a better chance of success. I am also putting my faith in God and my belief that He will fulfill our dream of children when He chooses - I'm just praying it's soon! ;)

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