Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Change of Pace

This blog has been quiet for awhile! We have been living life and NOT trying to have a baby for several months now and it has been very relaxing. I have been filling my time with various "crafting" projects. Feel free to roll your eyes. I have always loved crafts and glitter and making things and glitter... Well, I decided to share some of that on here. I should probably change the description of this blog since I'm not focusing on our infertility journey anymore...

So here's what I've been up to:

I made this fall-ish wreath and hung it in front of the mirror on our hall tree (which is not in a hall).

Here's a close up!

I switched out my table centerpiece for some pinecones and candles wrapped in leaves (which are coated in glitter of course).

Here's a close up of the candle. I bought plain leaves at Hobby Lobby and used spray glue to glitter them then wrapped them around the candles with twine.

I also love making cards! I am very excited for the card party my friend Ashley is hosting this weekend. I will share three cards I made yesterday after the party - don't want to spoil the fun by showing them early!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

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