Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby Wipe Cases

So here's my new craft. I ordered one of these off of Etsy for Jeremy's cousin Tiffany's baby shower and as usual thought, "I could make that!" So make it I did.

I found a couple YouTube videos here and here.

So I had bought some fabric at Hancock Fabrics probably a month ago for this project. I also gave it the first round try at that time and it was an epic fail. I went a little crazy with the hot glue and glued the wipe case shut - yikes!

Second round went much better! Here's the results:

And I gave this one to my friend Carrie at her shower today!

These are super easy and a great shower gift so if you have a baby anytime soon you'll probably get one!


  1. Oh, I love 'em! I'm going to try to do that to Hayden's diaper case! And I have a shower this weekend so I might try to get one made for that this weekend! Thanks for sharing! You're awesome!

  2. These are so cute!! I will have to buy one for my friend before her shower, I'll need one for a boy! :)