Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Phone Pictures

This is sweet Ben holding his little hands together. I just love it when he does this because 1. I find it adorable and 2. with his stroke it is a good sign that he brings his hands together at midline and the left one is loose and relaxed.

This was their first time riding in a cart like this at the grocery store!  Ben just started sitting up on his own enough that we could put him in a cart so we were pretty excited to get a picture.  We looked to total weirdos in Hy-Vee I'm sure making goofy faces to get our kids to smile so we could take their picture in the middle of the produce aisle. 

I posted this one on Facebook but this is how I found Ainsley sleeping the other morning.  She is sitting up with her face resting on the bumper.  She is a total bumper snuggler.  And my friend Becky totally called me out - she knew that I first put my hand on her back to make sure she was breathing okay with her face in the bumper then I snuck out and got my camera and took her picture.  Ainsley likes to scare us on a regular basis with this sort of thing.  We have tried taking out her bumper but she doesn't sleep well which means we don't sleep well.  At this point we figure if she can get herself into these positions she can get herself out!

Here is another view from outside the crib. 

Last week when Jeremy took Ben to PT I was home feeding Ainsley and she puked all over.  Of course I had to take a picture first to prove my victory as cleaner upper of the grossest thing that day. 

This was one of our walks but we had to snap a picture of these adorable outfits that Ryan and Ashley got them and send it to Ashley!

I used to keep a very tidy house.  Now it looks like this all the time.  And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I tried on bras at Kohl's one night after the babies went to bed.  I ended up with one out of this pile of about twenty.  I hate bra shopping but sometimes it must be done.  I ended up really like the Vanity Fair Age Defying Lift bra and actually went back a couple days later and bought two more Vanity Fair brand that I really like.  They are much cheaper than VS and I like that the have the back smoothing straps. 

Also shared on Facebook, this is Jeremy's windshield.  Something flew up and hit it while we were driving on the interstate and we had to have the whole windshield replaced.  Also, I almost peed my pants because it scared me so bad!

We saw this little lady on a walk we took on the Neal Smith Trail.

We had a garage sale.  This was one of my piles.  Thank goodness my mom helped me mark everything and helped a TON with the sale!

What, you mean everyone doesn't by entire cart loads of baby food? 

And finally a shot from the Dave Matthews Band show at Alpine Valley this year.  Good stuff!

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