Monday, August 20, 2012

Ten Months

Ben and Ainsley are TEN MONTHS OLD!  Double digits!

We had their 9 month appointments this week so we have stats to share.

Ainsley you weigh 19lb 7oz which is the 61st percentile.  You are 27 inches long which is the 17th percentile.  Your head is 17 & 3/4 inches which is the 73rd percentile.

Ben you weigh 18lb 11oz which is the 23rd percentile.  You are 28 & 1/4 inches long which is the 24th percentile.  Your head is 16 & 1/5 inches which is the 1st percentile.

Ainsley - You are a curious and mobile little girl lately.  You are officially crawling and you are getting pretty fast!  You like to get into everything you shouldn't.  We are starting to say "no" to you when you get in things you shouldn't but so far you just look at us and smile.  Your favorite things to do are push buttons on the DirecTV receiver and pull leaves off the plant.  You also loving finding and playing with cords and the carbon monoxide detector.  When you decide to play with toys you really like books.

You are still eating pureed baby food though you have sampled many things from our plates and have enjoyed rice and cantaloupe.  You are still loving your puffs and are quite efficient at feeding yourself now.

You are wearing 9-12 month clothes.  You are in size 3 diapers.  You have waved a few times to relatives.

Ben - You are becoming such a big boy!  You are sitting up on your own now which we are so excited about.  You are great at playing with your toys and entertaining yourself.  You love to inspect things and if we give you something new you turn it over and over and check it out.  You nod your head and shake it no randomly and it's adorable!  You tend to nod when you are babbling like you are trying to make sure we get what you are saying.  I need to try to catch it on video!  You still LOVE your pacifier and if you don't have it you usually have your fingers in your mouth.

You still love your baby food and are quite the noisy eater.  You usually eat 3-4 jars at supper.  I don't know where you put it all!  You are getting better at feeding yourself puffs, though you have to inspect them first of course.

You are wearing 9-12 month clothes but most 9 month outfits are too short.  You wear size 3 diapers.  You have waved to the girls at the therapy clinic which surprised your daddy and he said you made him look good - ha!

This picture cracked me up!  Ben's face is so funny!

Ainsley was laughing at Daddy and Ben was enjoying eating his fingers!

I caught Ben's head nod in this video - yay!

Ainsley wasn't really feeling the video this time but we got one anyway.

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