Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seventeen Months

Ben and Ainsley are 17 months old!  They are actually getting closer to 18 months so I needed to get it in gear and do a quick update.  I'll do a more detailed one after their 18 month well visits.

Ainsley - You are so SMART!  I know everyone thinks their child is amazing but you seriously blow me away.  You have picked up things so many things we aren't intentionally teaching you (this can be both good and bad...very bad sometimes).  You know that after Daisy goes outside she gets a treat and you like to give it to her and you remind us by pointing at the treat jar.  You are getting good at retrieving objects we tell you to get - like "get your shoes, Ainsley" and you bring us your shoes.  You say SO MANY words: Mama, Daddy, Daisy, Bubba, Ben, Lilly (Willy), Sara, Lindsay, and other kids at daycare, diaper (more like dido), coat, car, cup, crackers, more (and the sign), all done, all gone, bottle (ba), hello, hi, bye, shirt, sock, shoes, outside, water, bow, and more I'm sure I'm forgetting. 

You are usually happy and giggly.  You have started asking for a bow for your hair.  This morning you went and pushed on your bedroom door until I let you in and you went and pointed at your bows and said "bow!"  You're mama couldn't be more proud!  Hehe!

You definitely have your own personality and are starting to say "no" more.  You are also in a pretty clingy phase and want to be held all the time if possible.  You get a little jealous of anyone else sitting on my lap - including your brother and you have tried to push other children out of Miss Sara and Miss Lindsay's laps at daycare. 

You are getting so big and becoming more independent and we love watching you grow every day!

Benson - You are so sweet and handsome!  You have been struggling a little with sleep lately which I think is to be blamed on your molars coming in.  Mom and Dad (Dad mostly) have spent some time with you during the nights and you love to snuggle.  You really enjoy looking at our phones with us and cuddling on the couch.  In the mornings you give us "head hugs" and are so sweet and lovey! 

All that being said you are in  a phase where we are working every day on being gentle and not hitting.  You don't (usually) hit out of anger.  You just get really excited and get your arm going and if someones face is in the way - watch out!  You also like to grab your sister's hair and pull so we probably say "be gentle" about 200 times each day.  You are definitely improving though!

You are really eating better here recently.  Before, it wasn't so much that you wouldn't eat as in between bites you would chuck your food on the floor.  You have been really great the last few days about not doing that though - yay!  Daisy will be disappointed - hehe!

You are becoming more and more independent and getting where you want to go all the time now! You are such a sweet and adorable little boy and we can't tell you how much we love you! 


  1. We have been having issues with Max who used to sleep not sleeping any more. Our solution was some higher fat greek yogurt before bed. Worked like a charm and I have great sleepers again! Hope it works for you too!

  2. They are getting so big!! Love the update!

  3. a few things-1-I can NOT get over how adorable Ainsley's curly locks are! That has got to be a heck of a mess in the morning :). And 2-Ben is so freakin' cute, I can't even stand it. He's soooo handsome! I <3 them!!! and you and Jer of course :)

  4. A's hair!!! Omg! They are so cute and I love an update!