Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So What Wednesday

So what if I spent $200 at the grocery store and bought Panera for supper?  Grocery shopping wears me out.

So what if I never wash my bras?  Like ever.  I wear them until they're gross then I buy new ones.  I bra shop mostly at Target and Kohl's now so they aren't terribly expensive.  I feel like once they are washed they never really go back to their proper shape and fit.  I know there are special detergents and what not you can buy to help with washing bras but really...ain't nobody got time for that!

So what if my kids screamed bloody murder when I took them out to play in the sprinkler when it was over 90 degrees out?  It was a little cold but's nothing to bawl about.

So what if I've taken to saying, "Do you want me to give you something to cry about?" to Ainsley.  She is in a very whiny, clingy phase and is really only happy if being held and carried around.  Like you can't even sit down and hold her.  She must be held and you must walk around with her.  Not cool.  So obvi, I don't give in to this sort of behavior constantly so she cries.  A lot.  And I've started telling her I'll give her something to cry about.  She doesn't get it.

So what if I bargain with myself while I run?  For example...If you run an entire 2 miles you can stop and walk the rest of your route.  Or, if you run 3 miles you can have another cookie when you get home...yes, ANOTHER cookie.

So what if I invested in some retail therapy at Target today?  I'm pretty sure there isn't much a nice, quiet trip to Target (and my Target RedCard) can't fix.  I may or may not have wandered around there for over an hour today and tried on 22 articles of clothing.  Yes, twenty-two.  I only bought four.

This high-low strapless dress did not make the cut but I keep thinking about it.  
I tend to steer clear of strapless but it's so cute!  (Ignore my bra straps...on my dirty bra). 


  1. So what indeed!!! I think you need to go back for the dress!!!

    1. I keep thinking about it, Becky! I just might have to.

  2. The dress is adorable!! Go back before it's gone!

  3. You shine in everything you do!
    Including SWW!!!

    And I agree, go buy that dress!

  4. You look adorable!! Go buy the dress and celebrate the fact that you're in a strapless after twin babies!! GO YOU!!!!!! Awesome!
    Jen Hrubetz