Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sucking It Up

I ran yesterday.  I am trying to do my longest run of the week on Mondays because I have that day off every week.  Most people do their long runs on the weekend but I work every other weekend so that isn't consistent for me.  I need consistent.  So I do Mondays!  Anyway, I tried a new route for this run.  I drove it first and got 5.2 miles on my car odometer.  It was 6.96 in reality.  Yikes.

So this was me afterwards:

I suffer from an affliction I call "Tomato Face."  My face gets BRIGHT red when I run.  Especially if it is hot.  And if the sun is out...forget about it.  It lasts for an hour or more afterwards too.  I'm pretty sure people who see it are concerned I'm having a stroke or something.

Here's the run:

So...basically...it sucked.  The only full mile I ran was mile 2.  I walked some part of every other mile.  It was really disappointing because last week I ran 4+ miles without stopping (except for one street crossing).   I have this hang up where I think if I walk it doesn't count.

One of the lessons I learned from this run was not to run at noon.  Because the sun is hot and it beats down on my face.  And I don't like it.  Or wear a hat.

I also tried some new inserts I got for my shoes.  I got the ones at Wal-Mart where you stand on the machine and it analyzes your feet.  I wore them to work a few days and LOVED them.  I was so excited to wear them for this run.  And they gave me blisters.  On the bottoms of my feet.  I had to stop and take them out.  Then carry them.

So like I said, this run sucked.  But I'm going to keep at it and hopefully my next run is better.

I ran SIX miles...sort of...

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  1. YOU, my dear friend ran almost 7 miles! way to go!