Monday, June 24, 2013

20 Months

Ben and Ainsley are 20 months old!  I think it might be getting to the point where it's weird that we're still counting in months...but I'm going to keep doing it until they are two years old and then I'll back off on the blog posts a little.

Ben - You are such a lover!  You are so incredibly sweet and will always give kisses and hugs when we ask for them.  You are such a flirt with everyone and like to play shy and cover your eyes when strangers talk to you.  You are really into peek-a-boo right now and will cover your eyes and wait for us to say "Where's Ben?" and then throw your hand off and we'll say "Peek-a-boo!" It's adorable and you just love the attention.

You are scooting all over and can really get wherever you want...even over the threshold to get out onto the deck.  We need to get the deck sanded and sealed so you'll quit getting splinters all over - you've had them in your hand, feet, leg and even your behind! They don't seem to slow you down any though.

You are starting to take steps if we help support you and keep you held up.  You don't quite have standing and balancing down yet but moving your feet in a stepping motion is a HUGE step for you.  We are so thankful Miss Kim has been helping you work on that every week at PT and you usually walk on the treadmill there.

Another BIG development lately is giving "fives" with your left hand.  It is so awesome that you know what we mean when we tell you to use your left hand now and you can do it!

You are loving reading books still and you like to bring us a book and then get as close to us as physically possible to read it.  You'll even stick your little nose down really close and you usually get pretty excited and "read" along. 

You are growing so fast and we love you more and more everyday.  Mom and Dad are continuously impressed by your perseverance and you are such an inspiration!

Ainsley - You are quite the sassy sweetheart lately!  You have really come into your own personality and are very clear about what you want and don't want.  Your probably say "No!" 200 times a day.  So that's the sassy part but you are still such a Momma's girl and love to be held all the time and be loved on.

You are very into babies right now.  You have a couple Cabbage Patch babies you always want at home and you have dolls you like at daycare too.  You always ask for your babies and want to carry them around.  You have a pink blankie you love too and a puppy you sleep with and in the mornings you have to have a baby, the blankie and the puppy in order to leave your crib.

You still love reading books and you always have to sit right on Mom or Dad's lap.  Right now your favorite is Busy Timmy - a Little Golden book that was Mom's when she was little.  You always ask for "Timmy" and it's pretty darn cute!

You are quite the little parrot and mimic almost all words and actions now.  It always amazes me the things you learn that we did NOT teach you.  You always like to grab my hair spray bottle and pretend like your spraying your hair just like I do - you even make a sound like the spray bottle does.

You are definitely more reserved with strangers than your brother and you act like you are not impressed when people talk to you.  You always get compliments on your curls when we go places.   You're new thing to say is "Here." You will bring us something and say, "Here, Mommy" or Here, Daddy" or "Here, Bubby."  You call Ben "Bubby" which sounds like "Bobby" and is VERY cute.  You've also recently (and suddenly) started says Mommy and Daddy versus Momma and Dadda which makes you seem way more grown up!

We went swimming at Grandma Betty's pool the other day and you loved it!  You had a blast jumping in from the side while holding Mom or Dad's hands and kept saying "Again! Again!"  You and Ben are doing swim lessons along with all the other kiddos from daycare in a couple weeks which I think you'll love.

We love you so much and love seeing you grown into such an amazing little girl!  

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