Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So What Wednesday

So what that I am officially addicted to "Magic Mix." This stuff is  It is a Walgreen's brand product so I get it cheap at work and it is delicious.  It has peanuts, raisins, M&Ms, chocolate chips and peanut butter chips.

So what if a one year old child gets the better of me at least once a day.  Ya'll.  Seriously.  I say nice things about my daughter in the monthly updates I do because I plan on having those posts made into a book one day.  But for real, that girl is cray-cray.  I have no other explanation than we have hit the TERRIBLE Twos four months early.  I swear she cries or whines 80% of her waking hours.  She cries when you change her diaper, when you put her in her high chair, and forget about putting her in the car seat.  I need an old priest and a young priest on speed dial for the fits this child throws.  I really *want* to be the calm mom that doesn't yell but this girl knows how to push my buttons.

So what if we went to Pella yesterday morning because I've been craving a Dutch Letter something fierce and the kids both ate three cookies in 10 minutes.

So what if I also bribe Ainsley with said cookies to come inside from the garage.  She is kind of a weirdo and likes to just hang out in the garage.  She will NOT come in on her own.  We either have to grab her and bring her in - which leads to another temper tantrum - or give her a cookie.  Whatever works, right?  Maybe?

So what if Ben played with an empty beer can in the kiddie pool yesterday.

That's all for now!


  1. Seriously, I just died! Too funny and all too familiar!

  2. I had to drag cooper in from our garage yesterday.

  3. I have found that Starbursts are a great bribe for Kahlen. I only have to give her one cause they last so long for her. But she's almost 4, Ainsley is probably still a bit young for Starburst.. you might try M&Ms though. That way you can give her just a few instead of a whole cookie.

    Oh, and I have been D.Y.I.N.G. for a dutch letter so I GET THAT!!!

  4. Just wait til the teenage years!! I always swore I would never swear at or say negative things to my children oldest lovely, wonderful child can really, really, test my idea of what I think I should be acting like as a mother. That's all I can say about that ;) Keep it real! Girls. I have 4. EEEEEKKK.