Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Birmingham or Bust

It's been four months since I blogged last!  Crazy!  Well, there are probably a million things I could share but I want to get right into some good news.

Ben was accepted into the contraint-induced therapy program at Children's of Alabama.  So we are going to Birmingham!

This is a nationally, and even internationally renowned program for kids with CP or pediatric stroke.  We are scheduled to go in January of 2015 - that's the soonest available.  It is a three week, intensive therapy program.  Ben will go to therapy four or five days a week for three or four hours.  I'm going to go down with him and stay two weeks and Jeremy will come down for the last week while I go home and then bring Ben home when he's done.

So we'll have to buy three round trip plane tickets, find a place to stay for three weeks and buy food, rent a car (maybe - I don't even know), entertain ourselves when we aren't at therapy, and probably twenty-seven other things I'm not even thinking of right now.  Luckily we have awhile to plan...and save...

So what's contraint-induced therapy you ask?  Well, they constrain the "good" hand/arm and force the patient to use the affected hand/arm.  In this program they do that with casting.  They will put a cast on his right arm and hand so he has to use his left arm and hand.  Sounds like torture you say?  Yep, I think so too.  However, it works.  It's proven to improve functionality of the affected hand.  Ben has very limited movement and use of his left hand.  He'll never use it like you and I do but we can only improve from where he's at.  Here's a couple clips I sent in as part of his application:

Let me tell you...he is NOT going to like this.  I anticipate this will be an emotional test as much as a physical one.  I'm kind of nervous about it but these people know what they are doing so I'm going to trust them.  And take wine.  For me...not for Ben. 

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  1. I'm SO proud of you Reanna! You're a great sister but such an incredible, amazing mom. I know from my experience with taking ben to therapies how hard this is going to be for not only him, but you and Jer as well but I KNOW you'll handle it all in stride. It amazes me how much you do for my niece and nephew. I love you sis! I'm here for you!