Monday, June 23, 2014

Garage Sale and Bake Sale

I would say our garage sale was a success!  We got rid of loads of stuff we didn't need anymore and made over $800 to put towards our trip to Birmingham.

Let's talk about that really quick.  So we are scheduled to go down January 2015 (that's the earliest available).  My mom and I will fly down with Ben and I'll stay the first two week of therapy then Jeremy will come down and I'll go home - we'll sort of trade off - and he'll stay the last week of therapy with Ben and fly home with him.  It would be fabulous if we could all go down as a family of four for three weeks and enjoy the time together but we can't take that time off work so this is what works for us and we are counting our blessings for it!

So right now airfare is kind of ridic.  Since it's a ways out I'm hoping prices will come down.  I still need to look into the extended stay places down there.  I'm hoping to just rent a car on the weekends and walk or use public transportation during the week.

My amazing friend Kelly has AMAZING daughters who wanted to have a bake sale in conjunction with our garage sale for Ben.  Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard in your entire life?  So they made all sorts of baked goods and set up a table and sold the heck out of them!

Miss Riley in charge of the sale

[Hot Mama] Kelly

 Hayden (who wasn't a huge fan of getting her picture taken)

My mom hosted a Scentsy basket party and the consultant, my cousin Jeannie, donated her commission to Ben's trip as well!  Super sweet and who doesn't love Scentsy?!

We also have had a few people ask if they could just give a donation and we have decided to say yes to that.  So we set up a page that can be found here.  

We also welcome all prayers just as much, if not more, than any donations.  It means the world to know y'all are thinking about our family and praying for everything to go well for Ben! 

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