Friday, December 5, 2014

Almost Time

It's almost time to go to Alabama!  I'm so excited and so nervous at the same time for this trip.  I cannot wait to see how Ben does and I have super high hopes for how awesome he is going to do and that he will gain tons of function with his left hand though this program.  But at the same time I am so scared.  Like crapping my pants, out of my mind scared.  He is going to have his "good hand" casted and completely unusable 23 hours a day.  He is going to be SO incredibly frustrated by that.  I anticipate BOTH of us crying.  A LOT.  The first week.  And him hitting me with the cast.  That will happen.  I can hear it now, "Ben, casts are not for hitting."  Thank you God for letting MY momma come with me that week. 

Here's what else I'm scared about.  I have to leave my baby girl for two weeks.  My momma-loving, clingy, "No! Mommy do it!" sweet pea.  I'm going to miss her and she's gong to miss me.  Thank the Lord for Face Time. 

Our plans have changed a little.  We've decided to drive down in our Prius because it's significantly less expensive that flying and renting a car.  Here's the neat thing though.  The thing that brought tears to my eyes because there are still nice people in the world.  We bought our Prius at Wilson Toyota in Ames a several months ago.  During the process we talked to the gentleman helping us, Tron, about our family and Ben and his CP and our trip to Birmingham.  A week or so ago we got a phone call that Wilson Toyota had arranged for our rental car while we would be in Birmingham and to just call them for the details, it was taken care of.  Can you imagine?!  We crunched the numbers and it's still less expensive for us to drive down than to fly even if we don't have to pay for the rental car but you awesome is that?  I mean, I didn't know businesses did that.  Wow. 

So we are going to be looking at our on-way tickets this weekend - to recap, my mom, Ben and I are driving down, Jeremy will fly down (1-way ticket) after the first two weeks, I'll fly home (1-way ticket) and trade places with him, and my mom will fly home after the first week (1-way ticket).  Then Jeremy and Ben will drive home after the last week of therapy. 

We talk with Ben and Ainsley about therapy in Alabama so they are getting prepared for what's going to happen. 

And Santa *might* be bringing Ben a Leap Pad to help pass the time when we aren't in therapy.

Thanks for reading!

What's a blog post without a picture? 
Enjoy one of our family pictures by the lovely and talented Audrey Oliphant.

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