Wednesday, August 17, 2011

27 Weeks

Today I am 27 weeks pregnant with the twins!

We had a little excitement this past week when we made a trip to the hospital because I was having contractions. Basically I couldn't sleep at all so I moved around some, tried the couch, nothing was helping and I didn't really know for sure if I was having contractions, having never had a baby before. After a phone call to my mom at 3:30am we decided to go in. I wasn't going to sleep anyway since I was worrying about what was going on so we thought we might as well make sure everything is alright. We went to Methodists, which is where we have decided to deliver now. We were originally going to deliver at Mercy for no other reason than it's visible from the interstate, it's new and it's shiny. Very selective, I know. However, since we are now seeing Dr. Drake there at Methodist we decided to deliver there. So, on the way there I was having a contraction every four minutes. Needless to say, I was glad we decided to go. When we got there I went up to the maternity floor (in a wheelchair which I found quite embarrassing) to triage. They put monitors on the babies and a contraction monitor on me. The babies were doing fine and I only had maybe eight or ten more contractions the whole time we were there. They had Perinatal Services come up when they opened at 8:00am and do an ultrasound to measure my cervix. It was down to 2.9cm (from 4cm two weeks prior). They also checked my cervix for dilation and it was dilated to 3 on the outside but closed on the inside. This sounds scary but apparently it is normal with twins to start to see these changes. Bottom line now is that we are going to start monitoring it more closely and we will have to reassess if there are further changes. Since standing puts pressure on the cervix and causes it to shorten I am doing my best to take it easy and relax and sit down as much as possible. I stress a lot about how long I'll be able to work. My original goal was to work until at least 32 weeks but obviously if that isn't what is best for the babies I won't be doing it. Another struggle for me is not knowing what is going to happen and not being in control. Definitely something to pray about!

So! That's all that drama. Baby Center says the babies are 14&1/2 inches long this week and weigh 2 pounds. So that's 4 pounds of baby and I've gained 35 pounds...hmmm...

They are sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing their eyes, and sucking on their fingers.

Here is my paper chain I mentioned a couple weeks ago. Huge dork, I know.

I made the chain to get to 32 weeks. I don't know if that's still a possibility but we'll see how far we can get. I have been having some more contractions, especially when I'm at work and I have to be up and walking around a lot. I try to sit down when I can but that isn't always a possibility with my job. I do have to say that my coworkers have been amazing at helping me do things and really taking some of my workload whenever they can.

I also got these in the mail these week. I ordered them from Etsy. It was $10.99 for five headbands and bows.

That's all for now. I have an appointment with the OB Monday and with the Perinatologist Tuesday. I can't wait to see how big they are!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. I’m a new reader. I spent most all of my night at work reading your entire blog! I got hooked! I’m so excited to see how far you’ve come, and all the cute little things that have happened for you and your little family. I thought it was extremely interesting that your Aunt (I’m pretty sure that’s what I read) sent you one blue hat and one pink hat before you both knew the sex of the babies. I think she had somewhat of a “feeling.” I especially admire your trials and tribulations! My husband and I are going to start trying for a baby this fall (November-ish after my 26th Birthday, anyways). I know not to take these things for granted. Congratulations (better late then never), and I can’t wait to read more about your journey!!!