Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Pinterest Project

Like so many others I have developed a love for Pinterest. I have many, many things pinned. However, I have only completed ONE project (other than recipes). This is the pin I found and thought "GENIUS!"

Source: via Reanna on Pinterest

Basically, you spray paint 5-gallon paint sticks and cut off the end with the curve for your hand then screw them into your cabinet. Add some cup hooks and hang your measuring cups and spoons! We pre-drilled holes in the cabinets and paint sticks before screwing them in. I laid out the paint sticks and marked where I wanted to put the hooks so they would be somewhat uniform when I hung the measuring cups/spoons. It was a SUPER easy project and now I don't have to dig for the cup or spoon I need. The only con I've found is that I keep forgetting they're there and I fling open the door and give myself a heart attack when everything clangs against the cupboard! I'm starting to remember...sometimes...

Here's mine:

I want to do this next but so far haven't seen these holders anywhere.

What projects from Pinterest have you done?

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