Saturday, January 21, 2012

Three Months

The twins are THREE MONTHS OLD!  Well, they turned three months on January 11th but we just got around to taking their three month pictures because everyone has been sick.  We are all, in fact, still sick but I figured we had better go ahead and take the pictures or else they'll be four months old before we get it done!  Poor Ainsley looks just pathetic.  She is usually so smiley but she just looked at me the entire time like, "Seriously, Mom?" 

Ainsley - You are getting so big!  At your weight check this last week you were 10lbs 7oz!  You are eating about 4oz of breast milk fortified with soy formula every 3 hours during the day.  You sleep all night from about 8:30pm or 9:00pm to 5:00am.  Sara and Lindsay at daycare always tell us how smiley and happy you are!  You love to look at your mommy and daddy and you are really starting to respond to faces we make and us talking to you.  You love to "talk" back to us.   You also love watching your mobile and talking to your "friends."  You do get fussy at night but I think it's because you are so alert and love to stay awake and play at daycare that you get so tired at night.  We are going to stop swaddling you pretty soon.  Probably after you get over this cold.  You sometimes break your little arms out and you are getting too big for your Halo Swaddle Blankets.  I think it will go well for you! 

Benson - You are getting big too!  You actually lost a few ounces because you have been sick and haven't wanted to eat much.  At your weight check this last week you were 9lbs 11oz.  I'm sure you'll gain it back as soon as you feel better!  When you aren't sick you are eating 3oz of soy formula mixed with 1oz of breast milk.  You just do not seem to "like" breast milk as much as formula.  I highly doubt your palette can distinguish the subtle difference so I really have no explanation for this but we go with the flow and feed you whatever you will eat and not cry about!  You spit up...a lot!  But since you've been on your Zantac it doesn't seem to bother you so much and you don't cry at all when you eat anymore - yay!  You do, however, usually go through about three outfits a day.  I think ONCE you have came home from daycare in the same clothes you went in.  You are really starting to smile and "talk" more.  Your favorite thing to do is kick your legs!  You do it ALL THE TIME!  You always kick your socks and blanket off.  Your little legs just go, go, go!  You too are getting too big for your swaddle blanket.  This will make Grandma Barb happy since she thinks we are torturing you when we put you in it (we use a Miracle Blanket for Ben).  You are startling yourself less and less so hopefully it will be an easy transition to no swaddling but I think you will probably wake up a little more during the night without it. 

Regarding Ben's health - We ended up seeing a neurologist in Iowa City so we won't have to travel to St. Louis or Denver.  He really didn't tell us anything new.  He again went over all the possibilities of things that could develop down the road related to Ben's stroke.  We are still in "wait and see" mode and probably will be for many years.  Ben also saw Dr. Ramsey at the Developmental Clinic.  He referred us to Physical Therapy for Ben's torticollis.  However, the physical therapist doesn't seem to think it is actually torticollis.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned much about this but Ben has a preference for turning his head to the right.  He will turn it to the left and seems to have no problem with range of motion.  The physical therapist thinks it could be a result of his stroke or caused by his reflux.  This was something I learned.  Babies with reflux can have a preference for turning their head to the right.  When food goes down your esophagus it turns left to go into your stomach and turning your head right further elongates the process which is a natural way to help with reflux.  I personally feel like Ben is already starting to turn his head more to the left.  That being said, I also feel like his head is a little misshapen from turning it more to the right so we'll see what the pediatrician thinks at their four month appointment.  I think that about covers what is going on with him but if I've left anything hanging feel free to ask me! 

We also took a little video which I think we'll continue to do each time as well.  I just love videos!  They are so fun to watch!  The only thing I don't like is listening to myself in them.  I should learn how to take out the audio.  Anyway, here is the video from their 3 month photo shoot.  Ben is ALWAYS kicking his legs like this!  I think we're going to be in trouble when he starts crawling and walking!

Thanks for checking in on us!  We are all ready for January to be over and hopefully we'll all feel a lot better!


  1. I don't know if they already suggested this, but when you do tummy time start Ben off with his head turned to the non preferred side. he may lift up and turn the other way, but that will help strenghthen those muscles

  2. Oh my goodness they are so precious!!! They have the longest legs!!! (Probably because I'm used to looking at my tiny girl!) I love to read about them!

  3. Hi Reanna, I thought I responded but it must not have stuck. Thanks so much for your interest in our adoption. We have a ChipIn Widget to the right of our page but you have to have flash. So if you are using a smart phone or ipad it might not work. If you have more questions, let me know. Thanks again. Your family is adorable!!