Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Random Thoughts

1. I'm thinking about doing a 21 day challenge. "They say" it takes 21 days to form a habit so since we got an elliptical last week I am thinking about challenging myself to work out EVERY DAY at 4:30am.

2. Speaking of working out...Jeremy started a blog! He came up with this crazy idea to burn 100,000 calories in a year! Follow his journey (and mine) here. I'm sure he would be tickled pink to have some followers though he would never admit it of course!

3. I have a really hard time not looking ahead in those daily calendars where you tear off a page every day. I mean really hard...put.down.the.calendar...

4. The twins are 12 weeks old today!

5. I took them to daycare even though I don't work so I could run errands, work out, and clean the house up.

6. Second day back to work yesterday and someone hung up on me already because our Lipitor is more expensive than Wal-Mart. Nice.

7. I have tons of magazines from the last year that I hate to throw away. Is there some place you can donate them to? Obviously I wouldn't "throw them away" I would recycle them if there isn't someplace to take them.

8. You may have seen on Facebook I made my own laundry soap. That is probably a whole post in itself but it is working good so far!

9. I completed my first Pinterest project recently! I'll share that soon too!

10. I'm not liking all this cold and wind! I much prefer a minimum temperature of 40 and a mild breeze. Do you hear me Johnny Mac?

That is a whole lot of randomness for one day! What random thoughts are on your mind?

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  1. Hey! If you still want to donate the magazines, I work in Mitchellville at the women's prison and we're always looking for donated magazines for the women to use for projects and stuff. They do collages ALL the time for both personal and group/therapeutic use. Let me know if you still want to get rid of them and we can arrange a pick up!

    (I'll of course cut off your name/address info :P)