Friday, June 29, 2012

Phone Pictures

 I wanted to upload some pictures from my phone.  I've posted most of them on Facebook but wanted to have them on here too.  Hope you enjoy if you haven't seen them!

This was just this morning.  They were sitting on our bed and Ben just leaned over and fell asleep - adorable!

This was yesterday morning before they went to daycare.  They are both so happy in the morning!

We sent this picture to Daddy to let him know he had a package

This was before baths.  I'm sure they'll love these naked pictures one day - ha!

Aunt Liasa took this one while she was babysitting Ainsley last week.  I think Ainsley had a pretty great time hanging out with her aunt!

Last Tuesday Dad took Ben to PT and Ainsley and I went to Target.  It was her first time riding in the cart and she loved it!  She loved looking around so much I couldn't get her to look at me for a picture!

I love this Instagram picture of Ben - SO SWEET!

Sweet girl!

And we couldn't leave out this one.  Aunt Liasa picked out her clothes and accessories.  So fancy!

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  1. i need to follow you on ig! Love these pics of your sweeties. I rarely break out my good camera these days. I use my phone. I have taken over 2,000 on my phone since the twins were born.