Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sew What?

I don't sew. I wish I did. I admire people who can. I think its a lost art.

For Christmas my mom got me this:

Gee thanks Mom. What the heck and I supposed to do with that. I'm just kidding, I said I wanted a sewing machine several months ago and she remembered and got me one! Yes, she also got me the Toms from my last post. She went a little overboard on Christmas in my opinion. Love you, Mom.

Anyway. I decided to set it up today and fix my pillow cases. We got new bed sheets for our king size bed which came with king size pillowcases. We have standard pillows. So they looked like this for two months:

Well let me tell you setting up a sewing machine is not as easy as one would think. After about 30 minutes I was proud to have this accomplished:

And what on earth is this thing??

And this? Seriously, if anyone knows, tell me...

And would you believe that neither the sewing machine nor the sewing kit comes with any thread?? So we made a trip to Hancock Fabric for some of this:

I was able to thread the bobbin and only screamed once:

And this is what I ended up with:


They are by no means perfect and in fact, I'm sure they're different sizes completely, but they look better than they did!

Anyone know of any sewing classes?


  1. oh my gosh! I just laughed SO hard at this post!!!! I want a sewing machine, but like you, have NO idea how to use it!!!

    Good luck! I love your bedroom set!!

  2. The silver thingy, you use to thread a hand sewing needle. You put the thread through the wire loop dohicky and then push it through the eye of the needle. Grab the thread and pull then dohicky back out. You now, (in theory) have a threaded needle.

    The wheel jobber, I think is used for marking patterns or something, but I don't know how.

  3. Hey Reanna,
    Heres a thought.... Check out some quilt
    shops around you and join a beginners quilting class. You'd LOVE IT and be so good at it.
    You're so talented with colors etc. You'd pick it up quick and I think you'd really enjoy it. I know I do. Love to quilt. Couldn't probably hem a pant leg if I had to :)