Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some GREAT Music (That's NOT DMB)

Yes, I said, NOT Dave Matthews Band. Though they are the greatest band EVER, I realize there is also other great music. Also, I don't need any arguments about this, it wasn't a question.

Anywho, Jeremy is going on a "man date" later this month to see the Foo Fighters with a colleague (I'm only a little jealous). He recently purchased the album this song is from Skin and Bones and it's pretty impressive, this from someone who isn't a Foo Fighters "fan" so to speak.

The Nadas are an AWESOME local band that I don't think should just be a local band. And maybe I'm not giving them enough credit but I think they could use some more airtime for sure!

Sign No More by Mumford and Sons is an album I can listen to all the way through and enjoy EVERY song which I think says a lot about a band. Here's a good one from my favorite band with a banjo.

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